Colorado State Youth Services Nurse I - Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley, Colorado

Youth Services Nurse I - Platte Valley Youth Services Center



Youth Services Nurse I - Platte Valley Youth Services Center


$5,061.00 - $7,406.00 Monthly


Greeley, CO

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Full Time


Colorado Department of Human Services

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IKA 02204 11/16/2017 REPOST


4/30/2018 11:59 PM Mountain

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Department Information

This position is open only to Colorado state residents.

About the Division of Youth Services: The Division of Youth Services (DYS) provides a continuum of residential and non-residential services that encompass juvenile detention, commitment and parole. DYS is the agency statutorily mandated to provide for the care and supervision of youth committed by the District Court to the legal custody of the Colorado Department of Human Services. The Division operates ten secure facilities that serve youth between the ages of 10 and 21, who are pre-adjudicated, sentenced, or committed. The Division also contracts with numerous private residential and non-residential service providers throughout the State. For pre-adjudicated youth, the Division is also responsible for the management and oversight of Senate Bill 91-94; a State-funded, locally administered program that provides services to youth at risk of further progressing into the juvenile justice system. In addition to residential programming, the Division administers juvenile parole services throughout the State.

Division of Youth Services Vision: Achieving youth success and safer Colorado communities.

Division of Youth Services Mission: It is the mission of the Division of Youth Services to protect, restore and improve public safety utilizing a continuum of care that provides effective supervision, promotes accountability to victims and communities, and helps youth lead constructive lives through positive youth development.

We invite you to explore the DYS website and learn about the services provided to youth, families, and local communities in the State of Colorado at:

Description of Job

Summary of Position:

This position delivers health care to detained or committed high risk adolescents in a locked, secure setting in accordance with the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standards and other nationally recognized standards. This position provides primary care with responsibility for a continuum of care from the initial assessment through development and maintenance of health care including physical, psychiatric, and dental maintenance. Office hours for this position are day/afternoon/evening depending on the shift offered. We have multiple openings.

Specific Job Duties:

Clinical Duties: Ensures medication administration and patient care are within standards established by the State Nurse Practice Act and the Division of Youth Services medical policies, procedures, and protocols. Makes decisions regarding infectious/communicable diseases, recommends referrals for surgical interventions for identified conditions and recommends supervisory review of complex medical and mental health issues. Addresses and communicates confidential information regarding medical, dental, psychiatric, mental health and non-medical personnel with appropriate information to maintain the resident in a safe and healthy environment.

Mental Health: Evaluates resident's mental status/mental health conditions though interview, health appraisal and observation. Provides basic mental health intervention and refers to psychiatrist or mental health resource for further evaluation, intervention or transfer to a mental health institution in collaboration with behavioral health services staff. Conducts mental health referrals as necessary by coordinating with outside agencies/courts for appointments or furloughs.

Medications: Transcribes, orders, prepares, and administers medications without error per prescribed providers orders. Documents, updates Medication Administration Record (MAR) by entering information into computer programs. Monitors MARS for errors and report errors to medical clinic supervisor and facility administration. Provides necessary education or training to staff on medications as needed. Checks in medications and packages medication for youth leaving the facility. Maintains clinic environment by ordering and maintaining stock supplies and equipment for the clinic and medical supplies throughout the facility. Coordinates with outside agencies/courts for medications, as needed.

Health Education: Provides health/medication education and training to both juveniles and staff. Trains staff on QMAP curriculum. Maintains workload statistics for the clinic and provides reports for the Division, as requested.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

The Colorado Constitution, Article XII, Section 13 requires that applicants for state classified government jobs be residents of Colorado.

Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications listed below to continue in the selection process for this position. Do not use "see resume" or "see attached" statements on your application.

Minimum Qualifications:

Valid Registered Nurse License from the State of Colorado or any state participating in the Nurse Licensure Compact.

There are no substitutions for the minimum requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with adolescent health care.

  • Experience with adolescence mental health nursing.

Highly Desirable Competencies:

  • Knowledge of current medications, administration, their actions and use.

  • Ability to work in collaborative relationships with other professionals to achieve interdisciplinary goals set for the client.

  • Ability to assess and coordinate community health care services to meet the needs of clients and their families.

  • Ability to collect, record, and interpret data concisely and accurately.

  • Ability to self-regulate emotions when provoked or when working under conditions of stress.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Ability to work shift work as required.

  • Must be 21 years or older.

  • Must possess and maintain valid Colorado drivers license.

  • Must pass a drug screen.

  • Must pass a Colorado Bureau of investigations and Federal Bureau of investigations background check. Included in the background check is current and/or previous employer check. Your current and/or previous employers within the past 10 years must be listed on your job application (most recent in descending order), even if the job or duties are unrelated to the position for which you are applying. Incomplete employer information or omission of former employers may result in a disqualification of your application.

    Appeal Rights:

If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for the position, you may protest the action by filing an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the date you receive notice of the elimination.

Also, if you wish to challenge the selection and comparative analysis process, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the receipt of notice or knowledge of the action you are challenging.

Refer to Chapters 4 and 8 of the State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, 4 CCR 801, for more information about the appeals process. The State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures are available at

A standard appeal form is available at: If you appeal, your appeal must be submitted in writing on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative, and received at the following address within 10 days of your receipt of notice or knowledge of the action: Colorado State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director, Attn: Appeals Processing, 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Fax: 303-866-5038. Phone: 303-866-3300. The ten-day deadline and these appeal procedures also apply to all charges of discrimination.

Supplemental Information

After submitting an application, you should receive an immediate email acknowledging your submission. If you do not get the email, please check to ensure you have actually submitted the application and typed the correct email address on the application.

Include a working email address on your application; one that is checked often as time sensitive correspondence WILL take place via email. You may receive email notifications from a Colorado Department of Human Services employee or from this email address It is your responsibility to ensure that your email will accept these notices and/or review your junk mail and spam filtered email; if you do not receive correspondence soon after the closing date, please contact the "Department Contact" listed in this announcement.


The Assessment Process:

Colorado Revised Statutes require that state employees are hired and promoted through a comparative analysis. The comparative analysis for this position will include a review of your application material and your responses to any supplemental questions. Applications and responses will be reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to assess and rank applicants in order to establish an eligible list for referral to the hiring manager for final consideration.

Be sure the "Work Experience" section of your application is complete and specifically addresses your qualifications, experience, and accomplishments as they relate to the Description of the Job, Minimum Qualifications, Required Competencies and Preferred Qualifications as listed above. Resumes and "see resume" statements will not be accepted in lieu of the "Work Experience" section of the application. Failure to include adequate information or follow instructions by the closing date may result in your application not being accepted and/or may affect your score, rank or inclusion in the final pool of eligible applicants.

If you have transcripts, a license or other relevant documentation regarding your qualifications, upload and attach copies to your application.

Note: Transfers, voluntary demotions and reinstatements are required to apply and participate in the selection process.

Former employees of the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) who were terminated for disciplinary reasons, or resigned in lieu of termination, must disclose the information on your application and may not be eligible for employment at CDHS.